Upcoming Skyrim Series: Official Sneak Peek

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Skyrim is a very popular game and fans seem to take the game very seriously and want to make a web series with the basis being on Skyrim. But what makes this stand out is the fact that Skyrim: The Shadow Cult has a level of professionalism behind it when it comes to the production.

Instead of just dressing up in robes and relying on effects on the computer, the team of fans of the game has commissioned some of the largest names, such as Harrison Krix, to make their costumes and props. The results of which are excellent.

They aim to film five episodes of 20 to 30 minutes each with them being combined at the end into a feature. What is most impressive is the location which they chose. They could have shot the film in a garage of in front of a green screen, or the woods closest to them.

To get the remote feeling of Skyrim and the mountains, they filmed in the forest of Millinocket in Maine. This happens to be so remote in winter that you can only reach it by driving a snow mobile across a lake that is frozen.

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