Skyrim Review: 2nd Take (Cos It’s Just That Damn Good)

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You would have to have been living on the moon to not know about Skyrim. If you haven’t yet played the game then you may wish to read on to find out what you have been missing. Here is our second review on Skyrim which recently jumped back into the spotlight after the release of the latest DLC, Dragonborn.

Skyrim review

The game always offers something fresh and exciting, whether you are climbing up tall mountains or venturing into dark caverns. However nothing in the game overwhelms you. When playing the precursor to Skyrim, Oblivion, I wandered around picking up foliage, only to find that several hours had passed and I had gotten nowhere. In Skyrim you feel as though you have accomplished something worthwhile.

The designers of Skyrim have grasped the concept of the character in the game being placed at the middle of the universe of Skyrim, which means the character is not made to feel small. One thing to bear in mind when playing the game, is the larger they are, or the scarier they look, don’t mess around with them, just leave them alone. Skyrim relies on your intuition.

The countryside around Skyrim does have the cold feel of Game of Thrones. It is very beautiful and it is realistic. You can explore just about anywhere without feeling restricted. The enemies in the game are not all on one level, which is catered based on your skill level. Skyrim is also excellent at keeping grind at bay. Nine times out of ten you will want to crush a creature that stands before you, just for the fun of it.

After playing for hours and gaining experience, along with skills, you will evolve from having to slap a crab 15 times with your rusty dagger, to setting it on fire with a charge, or flaming hand or a hammer. If you choose to sneak around then you will almost become invisible and will be able to fire an arrow from the shadows and kill a bandit who is 30 yards away. There is a great deal of pleasure when you manage to pull off something, however there are times when things go against you and you will have to scramble fast to remain alive.

Skyrim is a RPG for one and you will have to make do without being able to interact with real people. However the story, the quests and the dialogue in Skyrim are all put together very well. The NPCs are not hollow, however some filler phrases will pop up at times and these can be repetitive.

Skyrim has not dropped in price all that much since it was released and there happens to be a good reason for this, and that is the fact that the game is that damn good, still.

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