Skyrim Redguard DLC: Trolls, Trolls Everywhere!

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It looks like Skyrim fans had a very different kind of troll to deal with last month – a Youtube troll!

A video came out on YouTube some days ago which told us of a new Skyrim Redguard DLC that would be coming out, however it was quickly taken down. But not before a lot of people saw it and voted for it. It was removed due to it being a fake.

The video said that it showed proof from the webpages of Steam. It has Immersive Armor mods and Redguard Knight Armour mods in it. Skyrim fans who have been waiting to hear about news of Redguard may wish to check them out, but consider the fact that these are not full-fledged DLCs for the game.

It did say that Redguard could be coming out on 9th June. However this would be on a Sunday and games, along with DLCs do not usually come out on a weekend, they typically arrive on a Tuesday.

So this is just one of the hoaxes that have been going around. You do have to take into account that it is easy to fake screenshots. All you need to do is click on the element in the window of the browser and the choose Inspect Element and then change the HTML code.

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