Skyrim Redguard DLC: What We’re Hearing Now

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There has been a lot said about Redguard being the next DLC for Skyrim following the fact that Bethesda trademarked the name. So what do we know?

Rumours have been going around ever since Redguard was trademarked in 2011. Since then Bethesda has continued to renew the name. The last time they did was on 7th February. This means that they do want to something with the Redguard name.

When it was trademarked it was said to be for “computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices.” However there was not mention on which platform it may be released on.

Back in 1998 there was a game released that had the name Redguard in it, but it wasn’t an Elder Scrolls game. This one was about a man who was looking for his family. There are some that say the name was trademarked in relation to this. However Bethesda would not have continued to trademark the name for 15 years and do nothing with it as this would be very expensive.

It is clear that they will do something with the name and it is thought that they could be releasing an Elder Scrolls 6: Redguard game or it could be a DLC. They could have a main team working on the new game and a much smaller one working on a DLC.

You also have to take into account that Oblivion came with 10 DLCs, while at the moment Skyrim has just three. It is therefore possible that many more DLCs might be revealed before we see Bethesda reveal Elder Scrolls 6. This is why Redguard could be a DLC.

Fans of the game have taken to Twitter to talk about it and here is what they have been saying.

4th DLC for Skyrim is rumored to be called Redguard and may give you the ability to be king of all of skyrim! I hope it’s true! – ‏@TommyNoble5643

Plus with the theory that the Redguard DLC is gonna be in Stros M’kai, it would be a perfect set up for a game in Hammerfell – @Jay_in_a_boat

Apparently bethesda recently renewed the trademark for Redguard, which fits with the whole two-words-together theme theyve got going on. – @fnool

Of course you have to take into account that Bethesda have not trademarked any locations or factions in the past, just games and DLCs. This is one of the main reasons why we think that Redguard will relate to a DLC or Elder Scrolls 6. It is thought that this will arrive on the PS4 and Xbox 720.

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