Latest On Skyrim Redguard DLC Rumors

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Lots has been made of the fact that Bethesda has trademarked the name of Redguard, most of the talk has centred around whether it’ll be the next DLC or not.

When Redguard was trademarked back in 2011, the rumours started, ands the fact that Bethesda has renewed the name ever since – the latest renewal was 7 February – means the company has plans for it.

The trademark is for “computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices.” The company hasn’t said which platform it’s destined for, though.

In 1998 a game was released that featured the name Redguard, although it wasn’t related to Elder Scrolls. It was about a man looking for his family, instead. Some think that the trademark might be to do with this game, but renewing a trademark for a dormant game for 15 years would be pointlessly expensive.

So, the company plans to do something with the name Redguard – either Elder Scrolls 6: Redguard or a DLC pack. There might be a big team working on the ES 6 game, and a smaller, possibly rookie, team working on the DLC.

You have to remember that Oblivion had 10 DLC packs, and Skyrim has just three. So, we may be in line for more DLC packs before we see ES 6. This is why we reckon that Redguard will be a DLC pack rather than a full game.

Fans have been talking about the game on Twitter. Here’s what they reckon:

4th DLC for Skyrim is rumored to be called Redguard and may give you the ability to be king of all of skyrim! I hope it’s true! – ‏@TommyNoble5643

Apparently Bethesda recently renewed the trademark for Redguard, which fits with the whole two-words-together theme theyve got going on. – @fnool

Plus with the theory that the Redguard DLC is gonna be in Stros M’kai, it would be a perfect set up for a game in Hammerfell – @Jay_in_a_boat

You do have to remember as well, though, that Bethesda has never trademarked factions or locations in the past, only games and DLC packs.

This is why we believe that Redguard is set to be a game. We also think that it’ll be out on the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

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