Everyone’s Awaiting Skyrim Redguard DLC But Smaller Ones More Plausible

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Skyrim has been out on the PC, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 for some time now, and it’s believed that Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t forthcoming from Bethesda just yet, as the company may have plans for more DLC packs, as this route brings in more money.

Bethesda’s European MD said her was asking retailers for help in selling Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire on the Xbox, and that DLC packs for the PC and the PS3 were also making their way out.

He said: “We’ve already brought Dragonborn on PC to retail and we’re looking into Dawnguard. Skyrim fans will also be able to purchase all PS3 add-ons in-store throughout the next few weeks.” Meanwhile Bethesda has been touting the game and its DLCs on Facebook and Twitter.

The MD also pointed out: “We plan to continue promoting the game throughout
the rest of the year through all our social channels, and through special initiatives at retail – both digital and brick-and-mortar.”

Bethesda’s DLCs are quite similar to expansions because they are bigger than the ones seen in Oblivion. Oblivion had 10 DLC packs, with just two of them being large-scale.

Fans are awaiting news of a Skyrim sequel – Elder Scrolls 6, but Skyrim is doing well with DLC packs right now, so Bethesda will want to keep going down this route for a while before bringing out a whole new game. Skyrim has just three DLCs at the moment, and if Oblivion is anything to go on, we should see a few more yet.

It’s believed that Skyrim Redguard will be the next DLC, and it might be pretty big. We haven’t seen any small DLC packs, or mods yet. The game’s DLC packs bring a lot of revenue in, as even though each individual DLC is relatively cheap, if fans keep treating themselves, it all adds up.

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