Skyrim Redguard DLC: Hammerfell, Dragonstar, Isle of Stros M’kai & More Predictions

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If you have been left feeling cold with all the talk about Conjuration in the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim then you will be happy to hear that the next DLC could take place in Hammerfell. This is the home of the warlike and proud Redguards. They are said to have skills in Destruction magic, however they don’t like wizards generally and they consider combat art which doesn’t punish directly, dangerously effete.

You may wish to think back to the Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and Trayvonds testimony. He said that Redguard don’t like those who cast spells and wizards were known to tamper with people’s minds and steal their souls. He went on to say that those who used magic were wicked and weak.

Skyrim Redguard DLC rumors

The talk about Redguard comes after a trademark by Zenimax has been renewed repeatedly. The trademark is said to be related to downloadable software offered through the internet and wireless devices. This of course could be just to stop other companies from using the name. However Bethesda has not trademarked any other place name or factions, other than Dragonborn, Hearthfire or Dawnguard. All of these have ended up being expansions of Skyrim. Pete Hines has neither admitted nor denied OXM’s recent report about it being the next DLC.

Also bear in mind that there isn’t a border city to Dragonstar. The Elder Scrolls Wiki says that the city was a hot place when it came to political contention and the Berlin style wall which was between the Redguards and Nords was chopped up after the long ceased war. If you go there today, on Skyrim for PC with the help of mod tools, there is only featureless geometry less land with pine trees. This would seem to be the best place for an add-on as the less landscape the easier it would be to install new assets.

A Sjyrim DLC set within Dragonstar could turn out to be very interesting, thanks to the politics, which are very rocky. However after seeing Dragonborn the bulk of the game may take place off-shore. The decision of Bethesda to go back to Solstheim in the recent DLC was genius, as the DLC distils what Skyrim does best, albeit in a smaller space, without going back to curbs on exploration. This also means that developers could bring back ideas and plots from Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and the Bloodmoon add-on.

The expansions of Skyrim could be a way of getting more publicity for the game before the launch of Elder Scrolls Online, which spans the continent.

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