Skyrim Redguard DLC Leaked Video

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It seems that a YouTube troll struck fans of Skyrim last week.

There was a video on YouTube days ago and this bragged about a Skyrim Redguard DLC that was on the way but they it was taken down. However many people voted for it before this. Sadly the video was taken down as it was a fake and trolls had been at work.

The video had supposed proof from Steam about the DLC; it came with Immersive Armour mods and Redknight Armour mods. Fans who want Redguard could take a look at these, but they are only mods.

The video suggested that Redguard would be out on 9th June, which was a Sunday. Fans know that DLCs and games generally arrive on Tuesdays not Sunday. So it was nothing more than a hoax. Of course bear in mind that screenshots can be faked. You just click on Element and inspect it, then go on to change the HTML coding.

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