Oops! Skyrim For PS3 Not Going To PSN, Dragonborn DLC Totals At 10 Trophies

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We didn’t know how much Skyrim Dragonborn would cost when it came to the PlayStation Network in North America. However we now know that it will be offered at $9.99 throughout the first week of launch and then it will be $19.99.

The 50% discount lasts for one week and it will continue on with the release of Hearthfire on the 19th of this month and Dawnguard on the 27th. However this is not just an exclusive to the PS3 as the discount also applies to the games on the Xbox 360 too next week.

Dragonborn is 900MB according to Matt Grandstaff and if it is then it would be 100MB larger than the version on the Xbox 360. There are to be 10 trophies and this is the same as the achievements on the Xbox 360.

If you want to own the DLC digitally Matt said that are the moment there are no plans for the digital release. He went on to say that should this change then he would let people know.

So how large would the DLC be if it were to come on PSN?

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