Skyrim PS3 Dragonborn DLC: The Suspense Is Killing Me

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Skyrim has been a very popular subject over the last few weeks and in particular, Dragonborn, which is the expansion pack and the third in the series. This should be coming out in December, but at the moment there is uncertainty about whether it will come to the PS3 and PC.

Bethesda promises new Skyrim PS3 content

Simultaneously Bethesda had been keeping quiet about Dragonborn, apart from releasing their trailer a week ago. When this came out fans got a glimpse of what they would get for their 1600 Microsoft points, and one of these features was breeding dragons.

Riding dragons will play a large part in the game and fans are keeping their fingers crossed that they will have more control and flight options. One thing that is a secret is who the main character in the trailer is and what part he plays in the game.

Rumours have been going around that he will be the villain in the game. So what are you most excited about, is it dragon armour, or would you like to see a wider range of objects for looting or maybe something else?

Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim will be out on 4th December; however at the moment the only mention of it being available for the Xbox has been made. However there is hope that it will then come out on the PS3 too as a recent tweet by Bethesda promised there was new content coming for DLC players. So this could very well be Dragonborn or they have possibly worked out the kinks on Dawnguard.

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