Skyrim PS3 New DLC: What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

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It’s been painful to watch the problems with getting Skyrim Dawnguard to the PS3. The fans have had a lot of disappointment despite spending loads of time on the PS3, with only a few lucky ones seeing and testing all the DLC (Xbox 360 users).

Skyrim Dawnguard confusion for PS3 DLC

Pete Hines has been Tweeting regularly up until a month or so ago about PS3 Skyrim Dawnguard, but he’s gone to ground lately. A recent tweet seemed to indicate an update heading to the PS3 and to PCs, but many took the tweet to relate just to Dragonborn. This however didn’t pan out too well either as an even more recent tweet mention Dragonborn as being Xbox 360 exclusive as well.

Some say that Hines might have gone into hiding because he’s got over the PS3 problems and expects fans to follow suit. This is unlikely, though, and Bethesda is going to have to answer for itself sometime and explain where Dawnguard and the other DLCs are. We think Dawnguard will be on PS3 soon, though, despite Dragonborn hogging the limelight.

Another thing to think about is how Dawnguard will be presented to PS3 users – will it have a normal sort of price? Or will it be a freebie by way of apology given the heartache and delays? We’ll be finding it out soon with any luck. The same will apply for PC fans.

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