Skyrim For PS3: No Dragonborn Means 3 Foul Balls

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Another week has gone and PS3 fans are still waiting for news of Dragonborn. Bethesda has said that there is new content on the way, but hasn’t planned to give any more details! It has revealed that Dragonborn will be, for now, exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Skyrim PS3 fans can’t cut a break: First Dawnguard & Hearthfire, Now Dragonborn?

The trailer for Dragonborn mentioned the Xbox 360 only, and this seeming exclusivity has caused a bit of heartache for PS3 fans who have already been through quite a lot with the Hearthfire and Dawnguard fiasco.

It seems that Bethesda has reneged on its promise, unless Hearthfire wasn’t actually the second pack. If this was the case, though, PC owners would have been informed. Bethesda has said nothing about this, and PC and PS3 owners are getting annoyed, as they only need to know if Skyrim content is on its way to them or not.

Bethesda has shown screenshots of Dragonborn on its Elderscrolls website, and has said that this is just for the Xbox 360. The fact that it hasn’t said “coming first” to the Xbox has worried PC and PS3 owners too, as it looks like it might not ever get to them.

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