Skyrim PS3 DLC: Enjoy Dragonborn As Dawnguard Not Likely Coming

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Owners of the PS3 knew that some new Skyrim content was coming their way and now they know that this is in fact the Dragonborn DLC reports Product-Reviews. However some people had hoped that it would be Dawnguard.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC for PS3 confirmed, Dawnguard not so optimistic

Confirmation has come from Bethesda today on the official blog site that Skyrim Dragonborn will come to the PS3 in early 2013.

The official confirmation for PS3 owners came as Xbox 360 owners were reminded that they could download the 3rd DLC Skyrim Dragonborn in less than 24 hours. The hype around the game is very intense and Bethesda has said that this is their most ambitious DLC for Skyrim yet. However it is great news that the developers have confirmed the release of it for the PS3 and this means that it looks as though issues have been remedied, however the full extent is yet to be seen.

There are some owners of the PS3 who remain upset about the lack of Dawnguard, and while people are happy with progress that has been made, after spending many hundreds of hours on Skyrim on the PS3, not all owners of the console share the same optimism as others. One said that they had bought the Collector’s edition of the PS3 at launch and for the life of them they cannot work out why Bethesda treats users of the PS3 as badly as they do. While not all PS3 owners feel this way there are many that do and those that do expect Bethesda to offer them a form of discount courtesy of the first DLC for the PS3.

However if Dragonborn happens to be the first content that is downloadable for the PS3 and owners don’t get Dawnguard thanks to issues, it is not likely that gamers will get any discount, as owners of the PC and Xbox 360 will be paying full price.

The bottom line is that owners of the PS3 shouldn’t give up on Skyrim Dawnguard being released for the PS3, however as Bethesda have not mentioned it, it’s not looking very good adds Product-Reviews.

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