Skyrim PS3 DLC: Dragonborn First A Boon, Not Curse

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Owners of the Xbox 360 have had Dragonborn for a while now and they have found out that it is much more than just another add-on. Meanwhile those who own the PS3 are still waiting for the DLC, but it will be worth the wait as those who have played it on the Xbox 360 will tell you. While there was a lot of hype behind Dawnguard, Dragonborn coming first will actually be an advantage. Check out our review to see why.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review

Dragonborn is the 3rd DLC and it takes Solstheim into HD. Solstheim was first seem in the Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Blood Moon and is like Greenland, with the exception of it having dragons and snow goblins.

When in Solstheim you will get attacked by two cultists and before killing them you find out about Miraak and the Dragonborn. A note on the bodies tells you that you will have to travel to Raven Rock in Windhelm. From here you will learn about the Temple of Miraak and the fact that he plans on taking over the place with the help of the All Maker Stones, then he plans on killing the Dragonborn, which is you.

As you go through the game to find the stones it can get repetitive. However if you find plebs hitting a rock you have the right the place and if you smash the rocks with the Bend Will shout, killing everything that comes out you can then move on to the next rock.

As you progress the rocks are harder to break and Lurkers will show their face. Anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons will know of the mind flayers and these are similar to Lurkers, with each one being worse than the other.

Throughout the game you do have to go on quests and one of these will take you into settlements. Here you will learn about Black books and decipher them before you go to Apocrypha, where Miraak is located. Along the way you will find bridges that float, along with outcrops that are craggy and cathedrals in the air. You will learn the words to the Bend Will shout from the Black Books and will be able to use these to take control over dragons and man. This will also allow you to ride dragons. Miraak is a very imposing enemy, perhaps due to the horned mask that he wears in the game. When you defeat him it’s a great feeling, however this is not easy to do.

On the quests you could be forgiven for thinking that you have done it all before. The game is big though and you will be able to get a lot of fun from playing it. even if you choose not to take on all of the quests, you will be playing for many hours.

Dragonborn happens to be the largest Skyrim DLC compared with Dawnguard and Hearthfire. The DLC will have you returning to Skyrim and once owners of the PS3 get their hands on it, they will find that it has been worth the wait. You will be happy that Bethesda chose to release Dragonborn first!

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