Skyrim PS3 DLC Dawnguard: The Silence Is Killing Me!

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Owners of PS3 know all too well the hassles of getting Skyrim Dawnguard onto their console. They have seen nothing but disappointment and many have spent many hours on the PS3, while only a very few being able to test all DLC on the Xbox 360.

Skyrim PS3 DLC Dawnguard chatter goes underground

Pete Hines was active on Twitter until very recently and they all went quiet about Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3. He has suddenly stopped Tweeting about Dawnguard Heathfire, along with other future DLCs for the PS3 note Product-Reviews. This came about after clues were seen in a 1.8 patch. This of course could mean many things, however some believe that it is one sign that Skyrim will be released on the PS3 very soon.

What fans are interested in knowing is just how Skyrim Dawnguard will come out on the PS3. Will they be charged the regular price or might it be given away free as a way to compensate for all the delays and anguish it has caused? Hopefully fans will only have to wait for a few weeks to find out.

It might be that Hines is keeping quiet about the problems relating to the PS3 in hopes that fans will let it go too. However this is something that is not going to happen and eventually the company will have to deal with it.

PR concludes that the silence could mean that Skyrim is coming to the PS3 very soon and an official announcement will be made. But what will that announcement be?

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