Skyrim PS3: Be Glad Dragonborn Is First & Not Dawnguard Or Hearthfire

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PS3 owners will soon forget about Dawnguard and Hearthfire as Skyrim Dragonborn is coming their way very soon. Dragonborn happens to be the most satisfying game of the three. This is something that I have found out after playing the DLC on the Xbox 360 for a few weeks now, and Bethesda made a wise choice when they announced that they will release it on the PLS3 before the other two. Check out our review below.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review

Dragonborn is the 3rd DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it takes players to a new island that comes packed with more than 80 locations, along with dozens of quests and plenty of dragon fighting.

If you are looking for a great deal on a game, then it isn’t found with any of the blockbuster titles that have been released in the past few weeks. It is in fact a DLC that you can get hold of for $15 for a game released back in 2011.

The DLC is a lot like the Elder Scrolls game, except that it is small. It gives gamers everything that the Elder Scrolls did, just in a smaller package.

When you get the DLC you start off in a town and promptly get attacked by cultists. After killing them you find a letter on the body telling you that they came from Solstheim. This lies just to the east of Skyrim, if you want to get there you will need to hitch a ride on a boat.

Solstheim is under the Morrowind province, it is a volcano offshore and to the south of it there are lowlands covered with sand, ash and petrified trees. In the north there are woodland, craggy mountains and snowstorms that are almost constant.

Miraak has the elves and humans under his spell, he is a Dragonborn, the same as you. He has the people under a spell and they work on building his shrine and temple. Through the game you go on 7 long quests and these give around 12 hours of fun and they are just as good as the original game.

With this DLC being an Elder Scrolls game, the majority of the fun is outside of the main story.

There expansion offers plenty of new locations and quests on the side, all of which have nothing at all to do with Miraak. You could help someone find his brother, help a warrior to meet his goal or offer yourself as an experiment for a junior sage.

You will get a lot of pleasure from the things that you happen to find randomly. For instance there is a cabin in the woods that has a cellar with a trap door. You find blood stained letters here and from these you learn about a bookcase with a hidden passage and here you can find machinery in a room which the purpose of is unknown.

These things encourage you to go exploring and will have you wanting to check out the waterfall to find out what might be behind it, swim into the boat hull, which is resting on rocks after crashing. You will want to discover and explore and there is plenty of this in Dragonborn.

There are new weapons and armour, spells that you have to learn, powers, dragon shouts and plenty more, including being able to ride dragons. You will soon find out that you more than double the amount of time spent on the game. You should get around 25 hours of playing in total and this DLC shames some of the top game releases that come with a price tag of $60.

This would not be a DLC for Elder Scrolls if there weren’t some bugs and glitches in it.

It is possible to get trapped in tight spaces and often the only choice you have is to fast travel. The game may freeze for seconds, particularly if you are opening or surfing through menus.

Glitches such as these could put you off the game, thankfully Solstheim is enchanting and they can be forgiven.

If you don’t have the cash to pay out for a boxed game that is brand new then Dragonborn DLC is the perfect choice for you if you like Skyrim. For little more than what you would pay for a meal you can enjoy many weeks of entertainment, which reminds you why you spent so many hours at your console with Skyrim. Skyrim Dragonborn is coming to the PS3 shortly and it will appease fans of the game until Bethesda release Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

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