Skyrim: PS3 Fans Should Be Glad Dragonborn First & Not Other 2

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Those who have the Xbox 360 already have the Dragonborn DLC and will know that this is more than just any add-on. Owners of the PS3 are waiting to get their first DLC for Skyrim courtesy of Dragonborn and if playing it on the Xbox 360 is anything to go on, then it will be worth waiting for. If you have Skyrim for the Xbox 360 and you haven’t yet got the DLC, then you should, as it is the best DLC out of the three in my opinion.

Skyrim Dragonborn review

Dragonborn is of course the 3rd DLC to be released and with it comes Solstheim in HD. This land was first seen in Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Blood Moon. It has been likened to Greenland, except it has dragons and snow goblins.

When you being in the land of Solstheim you have to fight with cultists, but before you dispatch of them you learn about Dragonborn and Miraak. A note on the cultists tells you that you need to get to Windhelm where a boat will take you onto Raven Rock. This is when you will find out about the Temple of Miraak and learn that Miraak is going to Solstheim to take over the place with the All Maker stones. Miraak will then kill the new Dragonborn and this is you.

Through the game you have quests to go on and while these may be repetitive, you have to do them to get the six All Maker stones. If you come across plebs bashing a large rock then you are in the right place. If you smash the rock with the Bend Shout will and kill everything to come out of it, you will then have to go to the next rock.

Breaking these rocks gets harder as you go through the game, with each of them being harder than the last. You will see that Lurkers will appear and if you know about mind flayers in Dungeons and Dragons, you will know all about the Lurkers, of which there are three different types. Each of the three types is worse than the one before it.

During the game there are numerous quests and one will take you to settlements. You will have to decipher the Black Books and then head to Apocrypha, which is where you will come across Miraak. Here you will see craggy outcrops, along with cathedrals up in the air and bridges that look to be floating. You can learn abilities from the Black Books and learn the words needed for the Bend Will shout. You can use these to take control over man and dragons, which you can then ride. Miraak is one of the most imposing enemies that you will find in the game, and this could be down to the mask with horns that he wears. It is hard to kill him, but you will feel great when you do.

When going on quests in the DLC you might think you have been there and done that. However the game is very large and there is plenty of fun to be had from it. You don’t even have to go on all the quests and you will still be playing for many hours.

Dragonborn is the best of the Skyrim DLCs and it is the largest compared with Dawnguard and Hearthfire. The DLC pack will make sure that you return to Skyrim and it will be worth the wait for owners of the PS3, when the DLC arrives, you will be glad that Bethesda chose it to release first.

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