Skyrim PS3 Fans Satisfy Dawnguard Lust Only Way Possible, Via Their PC

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While consoles have overtaken the PC when it comes to games, the graphics on PC still cant be beat. Now thanks to the uncertainty surrounding PS3 and Dawnguard, owners of the PS3 have even more reason turned their back on their console in order so that they can play Dawnguard, thanks to Bethesda and their delays tactics.

Skyrim Dawnguard: PS3 fans turn to PC to fulfill DLC wants

According to Product-Reviews, PS3 owners have been taking to the forums and are saying that they miss Skyrim so much that they are going back to the PC to play the first expansion. However not all gamers have this option as the PC has to have certain specs to run Skyrim.

Reddit however recently told a story of a frustrated owner of the PS3 who moved away from his PS3 and back to the PC in order to play the Skyrim expansion pack, despite the fact that he had played more than 70 hours on the PS3 on his career in Skyrim. He has now been asking other gamers of the PC about PC mods for the game.

Another user said that he went from the PS3 to the PC just because he wanted to play the Dawnguard DLC and he had been an extensive player of the PS3. So just how many others are out there who have done the same or who are considering doing the same? Would you move from your PS3 onto the PC just so you could play Dawnguard? And what about the cost of having to buy the game again on PC, would it be worthwhile?

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