Skyrim PS3: Forget Dawnguard & Hearthfire, Dragonborn Is Satisfying

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Who needs Dawnguard and Hearthfire when you have the Dragonborn DLC headed to Skyrim for PS3? Now I know many of you will disagree with that statement but having played Dragonborn on the Xbox 360 these past few weeks (as well as the other two DLCs before it), I can say that it is the most satisfying of the trio and it was a wise decision for Bethesda to bring it to the PS3 before the former two. Here’s my review of the latest DLC for Skyrim.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review

AThe 3rd DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes the player to a brand new island that is packed with over 80 locations, in which there are dozens of quests to undertake, along with even more dragons to fight.

One of the best deals you can get with any game isn’t with the blockbusters that have been released in the last few months; it lies with a DLC for $15, for a game that was released in 2011.

Dragonborn is much like an Elder Scrolls game, only in miniature format. It provides everything that the Elder Scrolls game did, only smaller.

Upon downloading the DLC you need to visit a town and get attacked by cultists. You find a letter on them after killing them, which tells you that they have come from Solstheim, which is off the east coast of Skyrim. You will have to get yourself a ride out of Windhelm on a boat.

You will soon find that Solstheim is a foreboding land that comes under the province of Morrowind, which is home to dark elves and nords from Skyrim. It is in an offshore volcano, with lowlands in the south that are covered with ash, sand and trees that have been petrified. To the northern areas there are sloped woodland which leads to craggy mountains with almost constant snowstorms.

The elves, along with the humans are under the spell of Miraak, who is a Dragonborn, just like you, and who had put a spell on the people of the island to make them work on his shrines and temple. Through the main narrative you are taken through 7 long quests which provide 12 or more hours of adventure, which happens to be just as compelling as the original game was.

Of course as this is an Elder Scrolls game, the fun of it actually lies with what you can do outside of the main tale.

The DLC gives owners new locations, along with side quests, that have nothing to do with Miraak, and which are there just to be enjoyed. For instance you could help a man to find his brother , be an experiment for a junior sage, or help a warrior to reach his goal.

The most pleasure comes from the things that you come across randomly. One of which is a cabin in woodland with a trap door in the cellar. This is where you can find letters that are blood stained, which takes you to a bookcase that hides a passage which takes you to a room which has machinery of purposes that are unknown.

Things such as this encourage gamers to explore and go on to investigate what may lie hidden behind the waterfall, or to take the chance to swim inside the hull of a boat that has crashed onto rocks. Exploring and discovering are the two main assets of the game and these flows in Dragonborn.

When you add in new armour and weapons, with spells to learn, along with powers, dragons shouts and more, plus the ability to ride dragons, you will see that you can double the time you spend playing the game. This is around 25 hours in total, the DLC puts to shame many of the top game releases costing around $60 or more, which have been recently released.

Of course this wouldn’t be a game in the Elder Scrolls line-up, if it didn’t have glitches and bugs.

You can become trapped in tight spaces, with your only option being able to fast travel to get to another location. There can also be game freezes which last for seconds, when surfing menus and opening them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Solstheim is so enchanting, these glitches could have been enough to make the gamer stop playing.

For anyone that doesn’t want to pay out for a brand new game with a box, Dragonborn DLC is perfect. For just the price of a meal you get yourself many weeks’ worth of great entertainment which takes you back and remind you just why you loved Skyrim so much. The Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is expected to make its way to the PS3 in the coming weeks and should keep PS3 fans entertained until Dawnguard and Hearthfire are ready.

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