Skyrim DLC For PS3 Alive & Kicking: Dragonborn / Dawnguard

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Owners of the PS3 have waited for numerous weeks to hear any news about the DLC status for the PS3 version of the epic RPG Skyrim. Today however there is some good news that does confirm that Skyrim DLC is not dead for the PS3.

Skyrim DLC for PS3 gets status update: Dawnguard

Bethesda has been silent over the PS3 for a long time now and this has meant that owners of the PS3 are very frustrated. A Skyrim third DLC expansion was revealed for the Xbox 360 yesterday, but no mention of it coming out on PS3 or PC. This was a shock as the majority of fans believed that Microsoft only had exclusivity on two of the expansion packs. Now it seems that this has been extended to three with Dragonborn.

With the lack of news some thought that this was the end for Skyrim on the PS3, however Bethesda have now made a comment on Twitter. They said that they were close on the new Skyrim content for owners of the PS3 and the PC.

This does give hope at least that the content will be making its way to PS3 at some point. Whether this is for Dawnguard and Dragonborn or just one is unclear though. Many are hoping that it will be all three that is coming to the PS3 and this would mean that people would be able to move on as the add-on content would then be available on all three of the platforms. Many fans are asking why if they can send out this message now, that they couldn’t have done it weeks ago.

The update is a little on the vague side, but it is a message after all and that’s what owners of the PS3 have been asking for. But the question remains, if you are a PS3 owner and you have put hours into Skyrim, would you be happy if you only got Dragonborn on the PS3? Or maybe you believe that Dawnguard content should be fixed first?

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