Skyrim Just Got ‘Hotter’ On PC

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PC owners are in front of owners of consoles as they usually get mods made available to them. The mods are sometimes useful and other times, not. The community of modders however occasionally bring out one or two mods that does deserve special mention.

Skyrim PC mod is pure eye candy

Bethesda Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is one game that did benefit from mods. This came by way of armour mods, baby head with antlers and shouts that were turned into farts. However one mod that isn’t as silly as these, might peak the interest of Skyrim players that are more serious.

A video has been posted which shows the Ultimate HD Fire Spells mod for PC Skyrim fans. This mod makes fire spells look a great deal better than Bethesda intended them to be.

Check out the video, which has been uploaded in HD and download the mod if you want some eye candy. There is also an Ultimate HD Torch mod.

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