Skyrim PC Fans Getting More Than 3 DLCs This Month!

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There is some great news for those who like to play Skyrim on their PC. Following the release of Dragonborn, which is highly anticipated, Bethesda has now handed out a surprise update to their HD textures pack. Anyone who plays the “lead platform” game can get better graphics when they play Dragonborn, Hearthfire or Dawnguard on the PC this month!Skyrim for PC: In addition to 3 DLCs, February also brings updated graphics!

The first HD textures were revealed a year ago and this make it a surprise from Bethesda, however it is a great one. PC players are able to get the HD texture pack, which officially makes a great improvement to graphics along with boosting the credentials of the game even more.

Of course to make use of the HD textures you will have to play the game on a PC with great specs so as to avoid issues with memory. Bethesda has said that when running the textures pack it surpassed the specs that they recommended. You may wish to bear this in mind if you have a graphics card that is below par.

If you have the first HD texture pack this update will take up around 1.5GB of space. If you are downloading the pack for the first time then it takes around 4.7GB, which could take hours to download.

This is a superb bonus for owners with high spec PCs who have Dragonborn. If you already have the HD pack let us know what improvements it makes.

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