Skyrim: New NPC Mod Gives Dialogue Lines, Quests & Music

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The journey in Skyrim is moulded by a narrative that is self-driven. But what if NPCs had personalities and detailed aspirations that were not just psychic guards in the town taunting over sweet rolls?

An interesting NPC mod has been developed by Kris Takahahi and this provides us with the answers to the questions. It populated the Skyrim with more than 100 new NPCs with around 20,000 words of dialogue and songs that have come from members of the community who volunteered.

Skyrim NPC mod released

Each of the characters integrates into the world with a story and there is plenty of dialogue to explore. On his blod the modder said that a lot of characters had voice overs by teams of around 40 actors. The choices for dialogue means that you can role play with humour and added depth to conversations. You can choose to be a jester or a jerk, an assassin or a white knight, thanks to the most important character being you.

The mod comes with around 14 new NPC quests and Takahashi said that he will expand follower comments and conversations for all the locations and quests in the game. This will include conversations as bonuses during or even after the main quest-lines. He has termed them “super followers” thanks to the fact that they fly and wear capes. The mods quality of writing respects the customs and culture of Skyrim, while at the same time remaining light hearted when possible. You can see this with the grin inducing awkwardness upon offering compliments to a rather vain female Draugr.

Check out the trailer for samples of the dialogue and interactions by various characters. The NPCs is at the moment in the beta stage, however you can try it out by downloading it.


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