New Skyrim Mod Gives You A Settlement Named Syerscote

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim isn’t short of mods, however one of them should be exciting for fans of the game as it brings with it a new settlement, including quests, shops and NPCs.

Skyrim mod released for Syerscote settlement

The new settlement is names Syerscote and came courtesy of modder Samv96UKK. It will feature houses, shops, an upgradeable player home and two brand new quests which will determine the owning of Syerscote.

In the first quest you have to help the Mayor of Syerscote to retian control over the settlement by finding the Stormcloak Spy, this quest can be started by talking to the Mayor about the Stormcloak presence.

The second quest has you helping the Stormcloaks by taking the settlement and putting down any opposition. You can start this quest when you kill the Mayor of Syerscote. Check out the video below for the full skinny.

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