Skyrim iPad Case Made Of Elf Skin? Sure Looks Like It!

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A user at Etsy has created a custom case which allows owners of the Apple iPad to change their device into one of the Daedric items in the game Skyrim, the Oghma Infinium. If you want the case it will cost you around $68.95.

Skryim iPad case

The original item from within the Skyrim game looks very much like the case, in fact so much so, that you have to hope that no elves were hurt to make the “elf skin” case. With over 75 hours on Skyrim, I must say that this is one of the best Skyrim replicas I have seen to date.

On a side note, the Skyrim Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLCs are rumored to be joined by two more before we could possibly see a Skyrim 6. If speculation hold true, they will center on Thalmor and Redguard.

No word yet on which one will come first but they both sound great. As for PS3 fans, I am sure they are just waiting to see Dragonborn first before even thinking about what else could be next.

Skyrim iPad case

Skyrim iPad case

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