Skyrim Hearthfire DLC For PS3 (Update)

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Fans of the Skyrim game for the PS3 have needed to wait for a long time before getting their hands on the DLC. However their patience has paid off and now they are bang in the middle of getting their hands on three DLC packs. Dragonborn was released on 12th February and today they have Hearthfire, while PS3 owners in Europe will have to wait until tomorrow to get their hands on the game.

Hearthfire doesn’t bring any quests that are incredibly exciting to the game, however it does provide some new experiences that Skyrim players will find very interesting. Gamers are able to build their house on a plot that they have to design themselves. Of course the options for customisation are not infinite and the majority of homes do end up having the same layout inside. However it is nice that players are able to enjoy everything in the same place. Players are also able to raise their own family in the Hearthfire game. This adds in a touch of reality to what is already a complex open world game.

Players have had to wait for the PS3 version of the DLC for a long time and of course some players have been angry at having to wait. Bethesda took this on-board and they have offered the three DLCs with 50% off for the first week that they went on sale. So if you want to get your hands on the DLCs for half price, then head over there as soon as possible.

Following Hearthfire there will be the final DLC for the PS3, this is Dawnguard and it will arrive on 26th February in the US and 27th February in Europe. The European release date for now only relates to the English version of the DLC. We are still waiting for confirmation for the DLC in French, Italian, German and Spanish versions and when these will be released.

So will you be heading over there are getting Hearthfire today with 50% off the price?

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