Skyrim Hammerfell DLC Confirmed?

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We have heard many rumours about the next DLC for Skyrim and there has been a lot of speculation about Redguard being the next DLC coming our way. This was thanks to the fact that Bethesda has trademarked the name. However it is now being said that the next DLC for Skyrim will have the name of Hammerfell.

SidhTech said that Bethesda have made an announcement about the DLC, saying that it will be called Skyrim Hammerfell. They also said that fans would be able to download it in June of this year.

The blog said that the name Hammerfell made a lot of sense.

“Hammerfell does seem like the next logical step given that an Elder Scrolls 6 would likely be many years away still. Weren’t the Redguards able to push back the Thalmor threat? Maybe the Thalmor become the main baddie in the next game and it’s up to a Redguard hero to save the day.”

Update: However it looks like once again SidhTech have been busy with the pranks as they have now admitted that it was all an April Fool’s joke!

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