Skyrim For Your Android Tablets: Yes, It Has Come To This…

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There’s a chance your Android tablets will take over the your traditional gaming consoles,(and then your phones, smartwatches, fancy futuristic augmented reality glasses) and that picture above tells it all.

You’re probably waiting for the Skyrim 2 release, since you didn’t get your hands on the first one when it arrived late 2011. But the good news is you don’t have to do that anymore, because there’s this latest mod that enables you to play the game even on a budget Windows tablet. In other words, we’re sort of giving you the permission to take your addiction out of the house because you absolutely can right now.

It’s all thanks to the modder and Redditor that goes by the name LinuxVersion, who’s managed to have the technology levelled-up; further enhancing gamers’ true addiction. The Redditor used a Toshiba Encore 2 and what’s most impressive is that the it’s able to configure even the most minimum of Skyrim specs, the RAM is well below the 2GB needed. And it’s good to know that the game is running at an average of 16-26fps; not bad for an 18-months-old tablet, if we must say so.

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