Skyrim Dragonborn Review (PS3 Version)

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Xbox owners who have already got Skyrim Dragonborn DLC are going to be bigging it up to PS3 owners, so if there are any PS3 players that haven’t got Dragonborn yet they should bag it as it’s awesome!

In Dragonborn, you’ll see Solstheim in HD. This land first appeared in Blood Moon, Elder Scrolls and Morrowwind. It looks a bit like Greenland with snow goblins and dragons.

You start off fighting some cultists who are trying to kill you. They’ll talk a bit about Miraak and Dragonborn before you kill them. You’ll find a note on one of their bodies directing you to Windhelm – there’s a sea captain there who can take you to Raven Rock. You’ll find out more about the Temple of Miraak and his plans to get the All Maker Stones before taking over Solstheim. He also plans to kill the Dragonborn – you.

Some of these quests are repetitive, but you’ll need to do them if you want those stones. You’ll soon work out how to find them – you’ll see workers hitting a rock – and you’ll need to use the Bend Will shout on the rock and kill the critters that pour out of it before going on to the next one.

The stones get harder to break the further you go, and you’ll also have to deal with Lurkers, which are similar to the mind flayers in Dungeons and Dragons. There are three varieties of Lurkers, and they get successively worse.

There are loads of quests and settlements. There is also the Black Books, which you’ll need to decipher, as they’ll help to take you to Apocrypha, Miraak’s home. You’ll see floating bridges and sky-cathedrals that are fun to navigate, and the Black Books will teach you loads of new abilities. When you’ve mastered all the words in the Bend Will shout you can control men and dragons (you can ride the dragons). Miraak is a scary foe, and the horned mask he wears intensifies this.

You’ll get a bit bored as you trogg through the quests, but this DLC is ace – even if you can’t be bothered with the quests. Dragonborn is by far the best of the three Skyrim DLCs, as it’s the biggest. You’ll want to get back into Skyrim just to play it, and PS3 players will love this, their first Skyrim DLC.

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