Skyrim Dragonborn Review (PS3)

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Owners of the Xbox 360 have been able to play Dragonborn for some time now and they have found out that it is much more than an add-on. The DLC seems to be more like a sequel. If you have Skyrim and you own the PS3 then you can now join in on the action. Here is our review of the latest DLC.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review (PS3)

Dragonborn takes players to Solstheim in HD. This is actually the 3RD pack for Skyrim. Gamers will head to land that was first seen in Bloodmoon Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, the region looks like Greenland with dragons and snow goblins.

When you start off in the game you are in a fight with cultists who are talking about Dragonborn and Miraak and then you kill them. You do find a note and this tells you to head over to Windhelm where you can get a lift on a boat to Raven Rock. A little moseying around and you find out that Miraak is back in Solstheim and he wants to collect the All Maker Stones to take over the place and then he will kill you.

In order to stay alive you have to go through many quests and you will find them repetitive, however they are needed so that you can collect all of the stone. When you come across a group of plebs hitting a rock you will know that there is a stone close by. When you hit the rock using the Bend Will shout you, things will come out of the rock and you have to kill them. When you have done this you can move to the next stone and do it all over again.

Each is more difficult than the last and you will meet Lurkers along the way. These are similar to Mind Flayers from Dungeons and Dragons. There are three different types of these and each of them is deadlier than the one that came before it.

There are many quests in the DLC and they take you to settlements. This is where you can find the Black Books which you have to decipher. On the quests you will come across various land, including outcrops that are rocky, bridges and cathedrals which seem to float. The Bend Will shout is one of the many things that you will learn and this allows control over men and animals, and allows you to tame dragons and ride them. Miraak is one of the scariest people that you come across and this could be down to the horned mask that he wears. Killing him is not the easiest of task, however satisfaction comes when you do so.

As you go through the quests you could be forgiven for thinking that you have seen it all and done it all before. The game is huge though and there is plenty of fun to be had even if you don’t want to do all the quests.

Dragonborn is the first released of the three DLCs on the PS3 and owners will be happy to see it arrive as it is the largest of the DLC packs.

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