Skyrim Dragonborn Review: PS3 Users, Brace Yourselves

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Owners of the Xbox 360 have been playing Skyrim Dragonborn for some time now and they are telling owners of the PS3 that it is something to look forward to when it comes to their console. If you have yet to get Dragonborn then do so as it is so much more than a DLC.

The gamer is set in Solstheim and it comes in HD, it happens to be the third in the DLC packs and the land was seen in Blood Moon, Elder Scrolls, Morrowind and it looks like Greenland, but without the dragons and snow goblins.

As soon as you start the game you are in the middle of a fight with cultists who try their best to kill you. You hear them talking about Miraak and Dragonborn and then you kill them. On their body you come across a note which tells you that you can get a ride to Raven Rock on a boat if you head to Windhelm. This is when you find out about the Temple of Miraak and the fact that he plans to take over Solstheim by getting his hands on the All Maker Stones and then he is going to kill the Dragonborn, which cause you worry as this happens to be you.

As you go through some of the quests you will find that they are repetitive, but these have to be done if you want to get the All Maker Stones. When you come across plebs hitting a large rock you will know that you have come across the right place. You will have to use the Bend Will shout on all the rocks and kill all the creatures that come out of it and then head to the next one.

Each of the stones will be harder to break as you go through the game and you will find Lurkers. These are like the Mind Flayers in the game Dungeons and Dragons. There are three varieties of these, with each of them being harder to kill than the last.

When going through the DLC there are many quests and these take you to settlements. You do have to find Black Books and decipher them and these can help you to get to Apocrypha and this is where you come across Miraak. Here you can find cathedrals and bridges that float and rocky outcrops. Once you have learnt the words of the Bend Will shout you can then take over control of men and dragons, which you are then able to ride. One of the worst foes that you will find is Miraak and he is frightening due to the horned mask that covers his face.

You can get a sense of being there and done that, however the game has plenty to offer and it is large. If you don’t want to undertake all the quests it will still offer hours of play. Dragonborn is the largest of the 3 DLCs and it is bigger than Hearthfire and Dawnguard. The DLC will have you running back to Skyrim and owners of the PS3 will not have long to wait for its release now.

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