Skyrim Dragonborn Review (PC)

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The Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is now officially available for the PC and it offers so much more than what you would expect from add-on. Check out our review below.

Skyrim Dragonborn review (PC)

Dragonborn is the 3rd DLC in the series and it takes players to Solstheim in HD. This part of the land was seen in the Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Bloodmoon. People have said that it is like Greenland, with the exception of it having dragons and snow goblins.

Starting out in Soltheim you will be pounced upon by two cultists and from them you hear about Dragonborn and Miraak and find a note that tells you about a captain of a boat in Windhelm who will take you to Raven Rock. This is when you get information about the Temple of Miraak and that Miraak plans on returning to Solstheim and get the All Maker Stones, then he plans on killing the Dragonborn, which happens to be you.

Throughout the game there are quests that you may find repetitive and you need to find the All Maker Stone, there are six in total. When you see plebs hammering a rock you will know that you have come across the right place. Hit the rock using the Bend Will shout and then kill everything that comes out of the rock before then moving to the next one.

The rocks get harder to break as you go on and Lurkers will make an appearance. These are similar to Mind Flayers in Dungeons and Dragons. There are three types of these and each one is harder to kill than the last.

You will have many quests to take part in and you will come across the settlements. You have to decipher the Black Books and then head to Apocrypha and here you will find Miraak. Here you come across bridges and cathedrals which float in the air and the Black Books show you new abilities. You need to discover all the words to the Bend Will shout, which them means that you are free to ride dragons and have control over men. Miraak is imposing and this could be due to the mask with horns that he wears. Killing him is not easy but you do feel as though you have accomplished something when you do.

You might think that you have done some things before in the game but it is a large games and there is plenty to keep you occupied even if you don’t undertake all of the tasks.

Dragonborn happens to be the best of the DLCs and the game is a lot bigger than Dawnguard or Hearthfire. It will make you want to go back to Skyrim and owners of the PS3 are in for a great surprise when it arrives on their platform.

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