Skyrim Dragonborn Review: Calling It A DLC An Understatement

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Dragonborn hasn’t been released for the PC yet, but the DLC for Skyrim will be the same on all consoles so let’s take a look at the Xbox 360 version.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review (Xbox 360)

Out of the three add-ons for Skyrim to have come from Bethesda, the Dragonborn happens to be the one that is most like the original game. Bethesda has taken everything that made the original so good and just squeezed it down a little.

At the beginning of the DLC you could be forgiven for thinking it is a bit on the contrived side. There you are just standing around and you are attacked, for supposedly, pretending to be the Dragonborn. The attackers have instructions with them and this tells you that they came from the island of Solstheim, more specifically, Raven Rock.

You are then free to go around and explore Solstheim and this could take some time, as it is larger than expected. The DLC is very much like Skyrim in that there are many nooks and crannies for you to explore, along with many side quests to take part in.

You will come across Apocrypha, which is the home of Hermaeus Mora, the prince of forbidden knowledge. For those who always wanted more Cthulhu, you have your wish, as there are baby ones, with the name of Seekers. They will read books in secret when you are not watching and attack you when they see you. Apocrypha can be a very confusing labyrinth. However you will learn a lot here.

While Dragonborn is similar to a small version of Skyrim, there is lots of new things in it. These include new enemies, shouts, and environments, which happen to have Red Mountain ash on them.

Solstheim is a nice place to be and calling the Dragonborn DLC an add-on is an understatement as it is massive.

As the DLC is only available on Xbox 360 for the moment that is what the game was played on. We did have to put up with very slow load times. Often there was a lag when loading a new zone and this was very long, and in some cases it makes you wonder if it has crashed. On saying this, the game did crash eventually.

During one point of playing the game the upper level of one building wasn’t loading properly. As the houses are underground, the upper level was the exit. Eventually I did get out of the mess by using a rather stupid manoeuvre of jumping from a staircase towards where the door should have been, while at the time pressing A rapidly, with the hope of triggering the door. This was a place I never went into again.

So if you are a fan of Skyrim, you will love Dragonborn, as the main quest in the DLC is engaging and interesting, and there is plenty of exploring to do. There are some crashes and bugs, but these will be fixed with a patch and of course they could be fixed when the DLC finally comes to the PC and PS3.

On the good side the map is large, the environment includes Skyrim and Morrowind, the main quest is Lovecraftian and there are side quests. On the bad side is the instability and glitches at the moment.

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