Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 Review

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Just ask any owner of the Xbox 360 who has played Skyrim Dragonborn and they will tell you what owners of the PS3 have to look forward to. They will also tell you that the DLC is much more than a mere add-on and it is worth paying out for. Now that the Dragonborn DLC is out for the PS3, here is our review.

Solstheim finally comes in HD in Dragonborn, which is the third DLC for Skyrim. This piece of land was first seen in Blood Moon, Elder Scrolls, Morrowind and it does look a lot like Greenland without dragons and snow goblins.

When you start out in the game you are in a fight with two cultists who try to kill you. You hear then talking about Miraak and Dragonborn before killing them. You come across a note on their body and this informs you that you need to go to Windhelm as this is where you can find a captain who is willing to take you to Raven Rock. You also find out that here you can find the Temple of Miraak and that Miraak is going to take over Solstheim by getting the All Maker Stones and then he will kill you as you are the Dragonborn.

As you undertake the quests they do seem to be repetitive but you will have to do them in order to get your hands on all of the All Maker Stones, there are six of these to be found in total. When you see plebs hitting a rock you know you have come to the right place and you find a stone nearby. You need to use the Bend Will shout on the stone and you will have to kill everything that comes from the stone. You can then move to the next one.

Each of the stones gets more difficult to break and Lurkers are a part of the game. Anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons will know that these are a lot like the Mind Flayers. There are three different types of these and each of them is worse than the ones that came before them.

Going through the DLC you do come across a lot of quests and you will come across settlements. This is where you find the Black Books, which you will need to decipher in order to Apocrypha and this is the place where Miraak is found. Here you will come across bridges that float along with cathedrals and rock outcrops. You will learn the abilities of the Black Books. Once you have learnt the words of the Bend Will Shout you can use it to take control over men and animals, this means you will be able to ride dragons. Miraak is one of the worst enemies that you will find in the game and he is imposing thanks to the mask of horns that he wears.

You may think that you have seen and done everything before while on the quests, however the game is big and it does offer a great deal of fun. Even if you don’t want to go on all the quests you will have plenty of fun and the DLC will keep you happy for many hours. Dragonborn is the largest of all the DLCs and you will be happy that it takes you back into Skyrim. PS3 owners will also be happy that this is the first DLC to come their way.

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