Skyrim Dragonborn DLC PS3 Release Date Should Be Around 5th Feb Too, Here’s Why

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We all know that the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is first up to release next month for PC and PS3 users but when exactly is still open to debate.

Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 release date likely around Feb 5 too

Now we can cross PC off the “maybe list” as PCGamer reports that has been confirmation from Steam that the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC release date for PC is set for February 5th.

So what about the PS3? Bethesda has only said that it will happen sometime February alongside Dawnguard and Hearthfire although we can be certain it will be in the same week as the PC version. Why?

Bethesda said that the PS3 will get Dragonborn first and that Dawnguard and Hearthfire would follow later but in the same month. If that is the case then we would expect Dragonborn to release in the first few week or so of February so as to give the remaining two DLCs ample time to also make it in within the February deadline.

As such, we expect the PS3 Skyrim Dragonborn release date to be somewhere around the same as the PC’s February 5 announcement.
Skyrim Dragonborn DLC release date for PC confirmed, PS3 likely together

Now PCGamer reports that Dragonborn will be coming to Steam on 5th February, which means that you have better order your saddle today, remember that you will need one larger than one to fit a horse!

While this confirms the Dragonborn DLC release date for PC users, PS3 users are still waiting for a firmer date. Word on the street is that they won’t have to wait long either and it will likely be released in the same week alongside the PC version

Both Hearthfire & Dawnguard are expected to make their way to the PS3 within the same month as well, with Hines recently stating a 50 percent discount being in order for the first week of their releases. If you want a reminder of the DLC, you can check out the many Dragonborn gameplay trailers on the web thanks to Xbox 360 gamers.

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