Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 Release Date: Why It’s Probably Too Late For January Now

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Xbox 360 owners have had enjoyment playing with three DLC packs for Skyrim – Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. Owners of the PS3 however have not been so lucky and they are still waiting for the arrival of the first DLC.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC release date for PS3

Those who read the back of the box when purchasing Skyrim will know that it says that DLCs will be available for the game. Bethesda has said that Dragonborn is coming to the PS3 at some time in early 2013. However this could be anytime from today up until June.

January is more than half way through which means that the DLC will not be out this month. This is down to the fact that Bethesda announced the release date for the DLC on the Xbox 360 two weeks before it was released. So it is safe to assume that this would also be the case with the DLC for the PS3, which would mean it couldn’t come out before February, even if Bethesda gave out a release date today.

This is speculation of course; however it does tell us that February may be the soonest release date for the PS3 version of Skyrim Dragonborn, logically.

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