Will Skyrim Dragonborn Be Free For PS3 After Dawnguard Dud?

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Owners of Skyrim for PS3 have had a nightmare with Elder Scrolls. It all started with bad frame rates and then worsened with bookshelves. Dawnguard DLC came out months ago – for Xbox 360 users – but PS3 players are still waiting.

Could Skyrim DragonBorn be exclusive for PS3 to compensate for Dawnguard issue?

Gamers are saying that some of the suffering they’ve experienced could be solved by Bethesda giving a 30-day exclusive Skyrim DLC 3 (AKA Dragonborn) for the PS3. If current rumours are right, then the company has sorted the problem by offering the content to PS3 owners in a downloadable format.

There’s been an image posted online that refers to the DLC issue of the PS3 being fixed. This was seen during the release of the Skyrim 1.8 beta patch.

Do you think Bethesda could do to make it up to PS3 owners with a 30-day exclusive? The only thing is, Xbox 360 owners might be miffed, as they’ve done nothing wrong. However, thousands of PS3 players would be really pleased, and it’d prevent any boycotts. So how much, then, does Bethesda value its PS3 players?

It’s possible that they could give Dawnguard away for free to owners with the latest DLC too. There has to be some form of compensation, or the fans won’t forget this.

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