PS3 Skyrim Dragnborn DLC: Luck By Chance

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PS3 owners are in fact lucky that the last DLC to come out, Dragonborn, has been chosen as the first DLC to launch on the Sony console.

If you own the Xbox 360 you will probably have been playing Dragonborn for some time now and you will have now found out that it is more than just another add-on. PS3 owners on the other hand are waiting for the DLC, but it will be worth the wait, owners of the Xbox 360 will tell you this. There has been a great deal of hype surrounding Dawnguard, however Dragonborn easily surpasses it. Check out our review to see why.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review

Dragonborn is the third instalment and Solstheim is taken into HD in it. this region first cropped up in Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Blood Moon and it seems to be Greenland with the exception of it having dragons and snow goblins.

When you get to Solstheim two cultists attack you and before you kill them they tell you about Dragonborn and Miraak. You find a note on them that gives you information on travelling to Windhelm and more specifically Raven Rock. Here you get to find out about the Temple of Miraak and that he plans on being the boss of it when he finds the All Maker stones. Once he had he will kill Dragonborn, which happens to be you.

When going through the game it can seem repetitive, however if you find plebs and they are hitting a rock, then you have reached the correct place. You can smash the rocks using the Bend Will shout and then kill all things that come out of the rock and then move on to the next.

You will find that breaking them gets harder and harder and Lurkers appear. If you have played Dungeons and Dragons you will know of the mid flayers, well these are very similar to the Lurkers. Each Lurker is worse than then one that came before it.

Going through the game you will find that there are quests to go and in one of these you will go into settlements. This is where you find out about Black Books and you have to decipher them before going to Apocrypha, which is where you will find Miraak. You will find bridges that seem as though they are floating in the air, along with cathedrals and craggy outcrops. In the game you learn all words of the Bend Will shout from the Black Books and you can use these to control man and dragons, along with riding dragons. Miraak is one of the most imposing people you will come across and the horned mask could have something to do with it. Beating him is not easy, however when you do it feels great.

You could be forgiven for thinking that you have done it all and seen it all before. However the game is large and you should get many hours of fun from it, even with not taking on all of the quests you can play for many hours.

Dragonborn is the biggest DLC for Skyrim to date, larger than Dawnguard and Hearthfire. The DLC will make sure that you go back to Skyrim time after time. Owners of the PS3 will be thanking their lucky stars that Bethesda chose to launch the game first out of the DLC packs. Given that Bethesda said it was the easiest to release first, call it luck I guess!

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