Skyrim DragonBorn PS3 Exclusive For Dawnguard Blunder?

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Owners of Skyrim on PS3 have been through a rough patch with the Elder Scrolls game. Problems began for them with issues related to bad frame rates and then got worse with bookshelves. Dawnguard DLC was released many months back for owners of the Xbox 360, however owners of the PS3 have been left waiting for it.

Could Skyrim DragonBorn be a PS3 exclusive to make up for Dawnguard blunders?

Gamers have been saying that some of the misery they have gone through could be compensated by Bethesda delivering a 30 day exclusive to those who own the PS3 in the shape of Skyrim DLC 3, which is better known as Dragonborn. If rumours are true then the company have already worked out the problem with offering the content in downloadable format to owners of the PS3.

There has been an image shown online with a reference to the DLC issue on the PS3, as having been fixed. This was found thanks to the release of the Skyrim 1.8 beta patch.

So what do you think would be a nice gesture to owners of the PS3, following the fix of the issues surrounding DLC? Bethesda could give a 30 day exclusive, however fans of the Xbox 360 wouldn’t like it. On the other hand thousands of fans who own the PS3 would be happy, and it would stop them from putting a boycott on certain games. So just how much does Bethesda put value on users of the PS3?

Perhaps they could give Dawnguard for free to owners who have the latest DLC. Surely they have to offer something as compensation; if not thousands of fans will not let them forget this issue for some time to come.

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