Skyrim For PC: Dragonborn Eat Your Heart Out, Reptiles Just Got More Realistic

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One of the things that is most talked about with Skyrim Dragonborn at the moment is the DLC for the PS3 and PC. However the “dragon shouting” add-on has been only handed to owners of the Xbox 360 at the moment, while owners of other systems wait for it.

Skyrim Dragonborn PC release date still unknown, mods keeps things interesting until then

Now PC owners can sort of quench their dragon thirst as they await the Dragonborn PC release date by way of this mod. This mod update will hit close to home for those who have the Xbox 360 as while Xbox 360 owners enjoy quests and dragon shouts, this will not match the more detailed graphics which are available to owners of the PC.

A pack from Skyrim has revealed updated dragon graphics. The mod covers almost everything from enhancements to colour, to the textures of dragons. The full change log is listed below:

There is now more natural colouring with de-saturated colours

Horns and splines had poor colours in the past or in some cases they were the wrong colour

Texture and mesh seams have been fixed or reduced

The dragons no longer look greasy, this caused issues with seams

The textures of Odahviing have been changed and he no longer looks pink, with seams being corrected along with missing eye

Alduin colour has been changed to darker and grey scale now enhances the styled theme of his, which was based on volcanic rock and glass

Dragons have new eye textures and the frog eye of the Blood Dragon has been changed

There has been fixes with textures and meshes, including fixes to the HD DLC

There is now an HD texture on the Ancient Dragon

The translucent files on the wings of dragons have been increased and this gives higher details on the membranes of the wings

The colours on the gums and mouths now have a more natural look, while ugly holes where there should have been teeth have been filled in.

So while this isn’t the Dragonborn DLC, PC fans can at least admire their current dragon encounters and also know that when Dragonborn comes, it may look better than what Xbox 360 and PS3 users will be getting!

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