Skyrim Dragonborn PC Release Date Vagueness Won’t Rob You Of Dragon Fun

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Dragonborn. Just saying that name gives me a tingling sensation. The thought of a new DLC coming to PC Skyrim fans is awesome, although the vagueness of a release date is somewhat annoying.

No Dragonborn DLC release date for PC yet? Don’t fret, mod fun is here

With Dragonborn, the focus is on dragons as you can tell. We’re talking about the whole shebang including dragon shouts and all. While PC users will have anywhere from a few weeks to months before enjoying this, thanks to mods you can somewhat quench your “dragon thirst”.

An updated pack for Skyrim has been announced which brings revised dragon graphics. We’re talking about serious touch ups in terms of details. Here is what the full list includes:

Alduin colour has been changed to darker and grey scale now enhances the styled theme of his, which was based on volcanic rock and glass; Texture and mesh seams have been fixed or reduced; There is now more natural colouring with de-saturated colours; The textures of Odahviing have been changed and he no longer looks pink, with seams being corrected along with missing eye; Dragons have new eye textures and the frog eye of the Blood Dragon has been changed; The dragons no longer look greasy, this caused issues with seams; Horns and splines had poor colours in the past or in some cases they were the wrong colour; There has been fixes with textures and meshes, including fixes to the HD DLC; There is now an HD texture on the Ancient Dragon; and more.

So while the Dragonborn DLC release date for PC users is unknown, you can add some spice into the game with mods. After all, that’s what the PC versions is all about!

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