Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: What Abilities PS3 Users Won’t Get

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Skyrim fans are getting excited about Dragonborn – the third expansion pack. However, it’s only Xbox 360 owners that can feel the love, as PC and PS3 owners still don’t know when or if it’s heading their way.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: what we think we know about the expansion pack

Dragonborn is due on December 4, and if you’ve got the Xbox 360 then your PS3 chums will be bugging you for a go!

When Hearthfire came out, it was only a small expansion, but Dragonborn is much bigger – around the same size as Dawnguard, although not as big as Oblivion’s Shivering Isle.

Anyone who’s watched the Dragonborn trailer will have some ideas about what this DLC will offer them. It’s been poured over by gaming websites, which have all given their own opinions, as well as pointing out hidden clues. Bethesda is just giving the trailer, so have a look at the video if you’re into Skyrim and Dragonborn.

Dragonborn is about the search for the first Dragonborn, which players then have to defeat. IGN has said that the helmeted man is the baddie, and he can use dragon shouts just as well as you can. A new feature is spectral armour, and it’s thought that bonemould armour, featured in Morrowind, will also make an appearance.

You briefly see a blue dragon in the video, and there’s also a lot of info on the villain. Of course in a week Xbox 360 owners will know all about it, and can tell PS3 players what they’re missing (sorry). PS3 and PC Skyrim players can get back to asking Bethesda what’s going on.

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