Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Review: PS3 Users Listen Up!

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The Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is available for Xbox 360 users only at the moment and dare we say it that calling it just an add-on doesn’t justify it. So if you’re on the PS3 and waiting to get this DLC next month, read on to find out what you can look forward to. As for those Xbox 360 users who haven’t bought it, don’t bother reading and just go get it. It’s worth its price tag.

Skryim Dragonborn DLC review

In Dragonborn, the 3rd DLC for Skyrim, brings Solstheim bang up to date in HD. This land was seen in Bloodmoon for Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind. Solstheim is Greenland but with snow goblins and dragons.

You start the journey to Solstheim with two cultists trying their best to kill you in Skyrim city. They talk about Dragonborn, someone named Miraak and then they succumb to you. You find a note which tells you about Windhelm and the captain of a boat who will take you to Raven Rock. You will learn about the Temple of Miraak after some detective work. It seems that the Dragonborn warrior king is making his return to Solstheim. The first step of this is to take over All-Maker stones and the kill the new Dragonborn. This happens to be you.

To undermine these plans you will have to go through some repetitive questing to find all of the 6 All-Maker stones in Solstheim. You will know when you have reached the right place if you see dozens of plebes hammering on a large rock, at the same time saying how great Miraak is. If you hit the stone with the Bend Will shout and kill the things that appear, you can then go to the next stone.

As you continue you will find that freeing the stones gets so much harder, thanks to more Lurkers showing up. You will also see a brand new enemy in the shape of Lurker. If you know about the mind flayers from Dungeons and Dragons, then you will be familiar with the Seekers in Dragonborn. These come in three different versions and each is more deadly than the last.

There are many other quests and new settlements to find. You also have to decipher Black Books, each of these will take you to Apocrypha, which is where Miraak is. These trips stand out thanks to their craggy outcrops and cathedrals, which float in space, while bridges hang in mid-air. You can however learn new abilities from each of the Black Books. Throughout Dragonborn you will learn the words of the Bend Will shout and this will allow you control over man and beast. You can tame dragons, which you are then able to ride. Miraak happens to look an imposing figure with horned mask and he happens to be one of the memorable foes of Skyrim. Killing him is difficult, but it brings great delight.

The quests of Dragonborn may seem like it’s a case of going there, do that and then do it all over again, however there is plenty of room for tomfoolery in the game and it is massive. The game will keep you entertained for many hours, even if you choose not to go on quests. Dragonborn happens to be the best DLC for Skyrim yet and it is a more significant update over Dawnguard and Hearthfire. It will see you returning to Skyrim for sure.

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