Skyrim Dragonborn Review: Why PS3 Fans Should Brace Themselves

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Xbox 360 fans can now use the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC – although you can’t really call it an add-on, as it’s the size of a sequel, almost. If you’re on the PS3, relax, you’ll get your chance later this month. If you’re on the Xbox 360 and you haven’t got Dragonborn yet, what’s stopping you? Here’s our glowing review and why PS3 fans will be glad that Dragonborn becomes #1 instead of #3 on their DLC release list.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review (Xbox 360)

HD comes to Solstheim in Dragonborn, which is the third Skyrim DLC. This land was first seen in Bloodmoon in Elder Scrolls III, Morrowwind, and it looks like Greenland with snow goblins and dragons thrown in.

You start the journey to Solstheim by fighting with two cult members who want to kill you. They talk about Miraak and Dragonborn, and then you kill them. You find a note on one of them that tells you all about Windhelm and the captain of a boat who is willing to take you to Raven Rock. After asking around, you find out more about the Temple of Miraak and the warrior king who wants to return to Solstheim by taking the All Maker stones over and killing the new Dragonborn – which is you.

To stay alive you’ll have to perform some quests, most of which are repetitive, to find all six of the All Maker stones. You’ll see loads of plebs talking about how fab Miraak is while hammering at large rocks – this means there’s a stone nearby. Hot the rock by using the Bend Will shout, then kill the things that pour out of the rock. The find the next stone and do it all again.

Finding each stone becomes progressively more difficult, as more of the Lurkers, your new enemies, come along. Think of the mind flayers in Dungeons and Dragons, and you’ll have a good idea of what these blighters are like. There are three versions, each deadlier than the last.

There’s many quests throughout this game, as well as settlements to find. Black Books have to be deciphered if you’re to find your way to Apocrypha, where Miraak is. These quests do give you something a bit different, as you’ll see floating cathedrals and bridges, and craggy outcrops. These Black Books also teach you new tricks – you’ll learn all the words needed for the Bend Will shout, which lets you control men and animals. You can tame dragons and ride them! Miraak is the most intimidating of the enemies in Skyrim, as he sports a horned mask. You’ll find defeating him very satisfying, as it’s hard work.

When you do the Dragonborn quests, you might feel a bit of déjà vu, but there is a lot of time and space for having a bit of fun, and the game is huge. You’ll be engaged for ages, even if you don’t do all the quests.

Dragonborn is the best Skyrim DLC so far, and it’s bigger than Heartfire and Dawnguard – you’ll find it hard to stay away. PS3 fans are in for a real treat.

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