Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Review: PS3 Fans, Heed The Good Word!

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Xbox 360 owners have been able to get their hands on the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC. Now let me just say right off the bat that calling it an add-on doesn’t do the DLC justice. It’s just that good! So owners of the PS3 who are waiting to get their hands on the DLC next month can be reassured that the DLC is worth the wait. Check out our Dragonborn review below.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC review (Xbox 360)

If you have been waiting to see Solstheim in HD then the wait is over. Gamers first saw the land in Blood Moon for Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind. Many have said that it is like Greenland, with the difference being there are snow goblins and dragons.

When you start the game you are in Solstheim and you are fighting with cultists who are trying their best to kill you. You hear them talk about Miraak and Dragonborn, before killing them. After killing them you discover a note that tells you about Windhelm and a captain who will take you to Raven Rock. You search around and find out about Temple of Miraak and that the warrior king is coming back to Solstheim. To do this he is taking over All Maker stones and then he plans of killing the new Dragonborn, which happens to be you.

To make sure that you survive you will have to go on quests to find all of the six All Maker stones, and at times these will seem repetitive. When you happen to see plebs hitting a large rock, you have found the correct place. You should then use the Bend Will shout to hit the stone and kill whatever comes out, then move to the next stone.

You will find that each of the stones is harder than the last and the enemies will be more difficult to kill. The new enemies, Lurkers, will make an appearance. If you have seen Mind Flayers in Dungeons and Dragons, you will know the Seekers. There are three different types of Seekers and each of these will be deadlier than the last one.

As you go through the game you will take on many quests and there are plenty of settlements to find. Black Books will need deciphering and the books will take you to Apocrypha. This happens to be where you can find Miraak. On these trips you will find outcrops that are craggy, cathedrals which seem to float in space and bridges that are in mid-air. You will also gain new abilities with the Black Books. Going through the game you will find the words that you need for the Bend Will shout. With this shout you are able to control beast and men. You can tame the dragons and then ride them. There are many foes in Skyrim, however Miraak is one of the most imposing of all, this is helped by the horned mask he wears. When you defeat him it is a great feeling, as this is not easy task to accomplish.

You may think that you have been here before and done it before, when undertaking quests. However there is lots of room for fun in the game and it is a large game. Even if you choose not to go on the quests, the game will keep you happy for many hours.

Dragonborn for Skyrim is the best DLC to have been released to date in my opinion and the update is larger than Hearthfire and Dawnguard. This DLC will ensure that fans keep returning to the game and owners of the PS3 will be happy that Bethesda chose it for the first DLC to hit the PS3.

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