Skyrim Dragonborn: What PS3 Users Will Miss Out On

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There is just two more weeks to go before the release of Dragonborn, which of course is the 3rd expansion pack for the game Skyrim. Those wanting the release on the PC have been left in the dark and at the moment Bethesda are remaining silent about whether the DLC will make its way to anything other than the Xbox 360. This of course leaves PS3 fans in the dark as well.

Dragonborn is making its way out on 4th December and those with the Xbox 360 will be the lucky ones as they will flaunt the fact that they have game and can play it before everyone else.

When Hearthfire came out it was classed as being a small Skyrim expansion. Dragonborn on the other hand will be a much larger expansion and it should be around the same size as Dawnguard. However this will not be as large as the Shivering Isle that was seen in Oblivion.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: what goodies will PS3 users miss out on

If you watched the trailer for Dragonborn you can get a gist of what exactly the Skyrim DLC will be bringing to the tablet. The trailer has been taken apart bit by bit by many gaming websites to give everyone an insight into the story lines that could unfold, along with pointing out hidden features. Of course Bethesda have not given out any specific details about the Dragonborn DLC, other than issuing the trailer and this means the video is worth watching if you cannot wait for the release of the game.

The story is based around you searching for the first Dragonborn, which you then have to defeat. IGN say that the guy with the helmet in the trailer is the villain and he will be able to use Dragon Shouts too. This should prove to be a very interesting fight. It has also been said that there will be a new type of spectral armour and this could be the Bonemold armour, which those who played Morrowind will know all about.

The video shows you a quick glimpse of the blue dragon and provides a lot of information on who the villain of the game could be. With just two weeks to go the video could help you to work out what’s what in the game before its release. Of course, PS3 fans will be a little peeved about this as they continue to miss out on new DLC for Skyrim.

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