Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: Juicy Details Leaked

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There are just a few days to go before Dragonborn is released. This is the DLC expansion pack for the popular game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. At the moment Bethesda are keeping quiet about the content for the PS3 and this has disappointed a lot of fans. However those who enjoy the game on the Xbox 360 will like new information which has leaked before the release of the game.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC for Xbox 360: details leaked

The information provides juicy details about the DLC, including new Dragon Shouts, achievements which have to be unlocked, new armour, weapons and spells that players can learn, along with new locations.

If you are getting the game on the Xbox 360 then you may not want to read the rest as it could spoil the game. However if you are owners of the PS3 or the PC then you might find it interesting to read about what the latest Skyrim DLC is all about. Bethesda has not said whether or not Dragonborn is coming to all platforms yet.

The leaked information will at least give you an idea if the pack is worth the outlay of $20. It seems that Bonemold armour will be available once more in Dragonborn and there will be new armour called Deathbrand too.

There was also some news about a summoning spell, however this hasn’t been fully revealed, so as not to spoil things. The leak says that there will be at the very least five new powers to get and one will be Dragon Aspect. This allows players to create dragon armour which will then be used to summon a dragon and help in battle, along with increasing statistics. However this can only be used once each day.

The information of course is classed as nothing but rumours for now as none of it has come from Bethesda. You can check it out at TheOutHousers and here you can also find some screenshots that have been taken from gameplay.

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