Skyrim Dragonborn DLC For PS3 Takes Flight, Of Our Hopes That Is

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There has been a lot of excitement over the Dawnguard expansion pack for Skyrim, for Xbox 360 fans at least. As for PS3 fans, it was Dragonborn which all eyes were being kept on knowing the issues with Hearthfire and Dragonborn for the Sony console.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: PS3 fans have high hopes

Now the expectations for PS3 users and Dragonborn have risen higher knowing that the  1600 Microsoft points will bring about features like being able to breed dragons.

Dragon riding will feature as a large part of the new add-on too and fans are hoping for more options and more control. One thing that is still unknown is who the main character of the game will be.

There are rumours going around that maybe it will be the villain. So what do you want most for your $20? Are you looking for more things to loot or is it the dragon armour that you want?

The DLC will launch on 4th December and right now the only platform to get it on that day will be the Xbox 360. Fans however are keeping their fingers crossed that their hopes hight for a PS3 and PC announcement.

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