[ALERT] Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Available Before February For Pre-Order (PC)

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Bethesda’s Skyrim Dragonborn DLC for the PC is almost upon us and fans will be happy to know that they can pre-order it on Steam right now.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC available now for pre-order via Steam (PC)

The DLC has been on pre-order over the weekend, which is little more than one weekend until the DLC will be available for download. There doesn’t appear to be any bonus when you pre-order it.

Dragonborn will cost you $19.99 and some may think the price is a little high. However those who have been playing it on the Xbox 360 have said that the game is great. You will have to leave Skyrim and head to Solstheim in the DLC, which is just to the north of Tamriel, it is actually north of Morrowind, which is where the 3rd DLC takes place.

In the Skyrim DLC you will have to meet the first Dragonborn, collect new items and weapons and battle with new enemies. Fans of Skyrim will tell you that Dragonborn is worth the high price and so it does seem to be a great add-on, more so than Dawnguard and Hearthfire were.

Dragonborn will be available from 5th February for the PC. After months of waiting owners of the PS3 will be getting their hands on the DLC next month too, followed by Dawnguard and Hearthfire. PS3 fans don’t have a fixed release date yet.

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