Skyrim Dragonborn DLC For PC Will Look Awesome With This Mod!

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When you say the name Dragonborn it makes PC Skyrim fans tingle. The thought of there being a new DLC on the way is great news, despite the fact that the release date is not known at the moment.

PC Skyrim dragon mod for improved visuals

Dragonborn as you might expect is focused on dragons. PC owners may have to wait some time for the DLC to come their way, however thanks to a new mod, PC Skyrim fans are able to quench some of their dragon thirst.

There has been an update to a pack for Skyrim which brings new dragon graphics. There has been some very serious updates here in terms of visuals. The full change log is here:

Aludin colours have been altered and they are now darker with the grey scale being enhanced, the base of which is on volcanic rock and glass. Texture and mesh seams have been reduced or fixed. Colours are now more natural and have been de-saturated. Odahviing colours have been changed so that he now doesn’t look pink and seams have been corrected, along with the eye that was missing. All dragons have new textures for the eyes and the Blood dragon no longer has frog eyes. Dragons don’t have the greasy look about them, which caused seam problems. The horns and splines had bad colours in the past and some of them had colours that were wrong. Meshes and textures have been fixed, this included HD DLC fixes. The Ancient dragon now has an HD texture, and there is much more.

At the moment it is not known when PC users will get the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC, however the game can be spiced up thanks to this eye candy mod, which after all is what makes the PC version great!

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